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One Night Stay Monterey Tour Los Angeles See Beaches, Civil War Museums,  Cruise Ships, Disney Land, Queen Mary, Universal Studios and Hollywood  Save money visit history

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Terminal Island Bridge seen from propert
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The Monterey Inn was established approx late 1800's.   The Monterey Inn is 3 blocks from the Ocean (Port) and 10 -15 minutes from the Beaches in both directions.  The property is in and Industrial Area.   Known and famous Movies & History, Architecture The Start of Los Angeles.


The Port of Los Angeles.  Many optional Tourist attractions abound here, Like Queen Mary, North Shores, Banning Landing Close by and  Banning Museum,  The Fort Bannings, A Botanical Garden, and many light houses, Beaches Los Angeles, Cruise Ship Terminals, of Course Hollywood.

We are located between Long Beach and San Pedro, On the Cusp of the Port of Los Angeles, Behind Wilmington. 15-25 minutes from Airports.

The Building was and original ports of Call itself for ships and Landing Hotel.  Later Bordello.  The area also was use in WWII and most sailor and infamous characters stayed in the Area her and around Beacon Street in San Pedro.   Famous for the older movies Charlie Chaplin as well as the background for the Pamela Anderson Movie Barbwire, Man Apart Vin Diesel, Lawrence Tate, ie Kirk Russell, John Travolta, Jason Strathon, Denzel Washington ,and many more shot here like Crash and fight club locations walking distance

please note Hotel in the back ground of most filming like in Barbwire.


The Monterey Inn Hotel
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